Hana Aluna

Hana is a queer, non-binary indie- folk artist who grew up in a very musical Southern California family. Even though Hana picked up a guitar at nine and piano at thirteen, they didn’t imagine a career in music until forming a folk duo with artist Shea Salisbury.

By the time the duo parted ways, Hana was left with a desire to write about their experiences in a more real, personal, and vulnerable way. This led to a deeper connection with audiences and an even greater level of acceptance and peace within themself.

Hana’s original song “You & Jesus & Folk” tells the story of meeting someone during a particularly rainy and beautiful spring in California that dried up far too quickly.

Hana’s skill at storytelling, playing and their hauntingly beautiful voice traces a love that matched the season, showing a gratitude for its beauty no matter how brief.

Hanna Aluna