Chris Beland What I Believe CD

A troubadour in the tradition of Bob Dylan, Andrew Bird, and Neil Young, California native Chris Beland weathered homelessness, being a single and step-dad and finding his real father at age 32 to finding true love and creating a discography of gorgeous work that both grapples with and pays homage to his history. From 2005’s ode to his wife and loved ones - Outer Space - to 2012’s Danger of Love - which he made with his biological father, Beland’s music traces his biography through losing his faith to finding it again.

On this album, Beland became even more introspectiveespecially since musicians were no longer able to tour or play shows during the pandemic.“I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to play musicagain,”Beland says, explaining that it was then he decided to undertake the most ambitious record of his career thus far.“If this was the last thing you were going to hear from me, it was going to be really good,”he adds. Don't miss your chance to own a copy of What I Believe. 

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